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-REQUIREMENTS TO APPLY AT THE EOI (Official School of Languages)

  • You must be living in Spain and be holder of a valid passport.
  • You need to be older than 14.
  • It is required to pay the registration fee before the course starts.
  • It is also recommended to present a Certificate of studies or similar document as proof of your education level (primary  studies required)



- Before September 9th: Go to www.eoiavila.es > ADMISIÓN CURSO 2020/2021 and follow the instructions. If you need help, write to your teacher, Antonia, eleavila @ mail.com and she will arrange a date to help you or call 920212089 for any queries.

     Online enrolment has been implemented as the main way to access the courses, but if any student has any doubt or question, they are encouraged to ask for guidance at 'secretaría' at the EOI Building.

 -REGISTRATION FEES (year 2020/21)

All the courses have a duration of 120 hours of class and this is the complete fee. 

  • New students: 162,73€
  • Old students: 132,37 €
  • Placement test: 30,36€

    These fees may be slightly increased each year and may also vary according to some personal circumstances. For further information, please contact the school information web page or the administration office. Official and external students pay the same fees.


  -SCHEDULE (still to determine for year 2020/21)














     Those new students that wish to have direct access to any level (except Basic Level - A2) will have to pass a placement test. It will be held before the start of the classes and later on they will have to register as official students.

Upcoming dates for the placement test for the academic year 20/21 is: September 28th at 4.00pm.

New students that wish to enrol on the Basic Level - A2 course do not need to take the placement test.

    This test is not an official exam, as it is just designed to place the student in an adequate level. It has no academic value. The students will have to bring along their passport as well as the writing tools necessary for the performance of the test.

    New students will be accepted until the month of February of the academic year.


     For official students, a 60% attendance rate is compulsory. Failure to attend a lesson will not be taken into consideration if justified by means of a medical or company certificate. Students who do not attend the minimum number of lessons lose their right to continuous assessment, although their right to a final exam is not affected.


  • Official:  where the student is integrated in a group attending lessons regularly throughout a complete academic course (120 class-hours)
  • External: This modality only gives you the right to take an exam to obtain the Basic A2, Intermediate B1 and Intermediate B2 Levels, but not to attend classes. Official students will not be allowed to apply as external students in the same language. The requirements and fee to register are the same as for the official students. 



     Assessment will be done through a final exam. If a student fails to get a pass grade, they may take another exam in September, similar to the June examinations.



     The students that may not be able to attend classes or that will not wish to register as official students, are allowed to register as external students. They will then sit an exam corresponding to the Basic Level A2, Intermediate Level B1 and Intermediate Level B2, the same one as the one taken by the official students in their own level.

     These exams will be held at the beginning of June and/or September. The dates to register are established at the beginning of March.



For further information or comments in English or Spanish, please contact:

  • Mª Antonia Martín Hernández. Head of Department. Contact hours: Tuesday, 18-19pm
Enlaces Institucionales
Portal de educación Directorio de Centros Recursos Educativos Calendario